More show highlights…episodes 2 & 3

Here are some of the thoughts from our guests in weeks 2 & 3….

Mark Hellendrung, CEO of Narragansett Beer: “Our target audience is anyone who has lips…Narragansett was the number 1 beer in NE and had over 65% market share – 2 out of every 3 beers going out of the store was a ‘Gansett…investors were emotionally hooked on the idea (of bringing the brand back)…consumers “we never should have lost that brand – let’s bring it back!”

Orla Murphy LaScola, GM/Sommelier/co-owner, American Seasons: “I have to be very aware of where Michael is heading with the food…I have to have a lot of wines available…to pair as well as what people want to drink…we spend time every off-season and travel to Oregon & California and spend a lot of time with winemakers…I need a sense of the terroir so I know what’s in the bottle”

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