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Some highlights from the show so far….

The past four episodes of Cocktails for Everyone! shows have revealed some of the inside information about the people behind the bottle and the brands they are passionate about….

From our first show at the Nantucket Wine Festival:

Dennis Toner, Founder of the Nantucket Wine Festival: “The Harbor Gala is really the kickoff of the social season on Natucket…people come from all over the world…the 4 day festival celebrates wine in a historic context as well as the marriage of food & wine…”

Dominique Demarville, Chef de Caves at Veuve Cliquot: “The Nantucket Wine Festival is a good occasion to meet a lot of the clients of Veuve Cliquot….wine is a lovely life – when you do wine you must open your senses to what happens in nature…”

Michael LaScola, Executive Chef & Co-Owner of American Seasons: “We’ve been known to do alot of creative things with pork….we’ll get a whole pig in every other week, we’ll break it down, hang hams, smoke hams…constantly making sausages, terrines, making pastrami…having a lot of fun making a lot of cool stuff – recognizeable but funky…”

Carolyn Wente, CEO of Wente Vineyards: “Lots of new things at Wente….5th generation Family is making wine now…nice to have that history and tradition and new passion….very fun to be leading the family business – we have a great team…our core business is making wine and growing grapes…”


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