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Day 4 of Our “25 Days of Holiday Gift Ideas” – The Craft of the Cocktail

Day 4 is all about The Cocktail…we have been so fortunate to have some of the most legendary people in the cocktail world on our show this year.

King Cocktail” himself, Mr. Dale DeGroff, was our guest in August (Episode 14). A wonderful gift for any cocktail buff or aspirational mixologist on your list would be copies of Dale’s two books…”The Craft of the Cocktail” and “The Essential Cocktail”…both are available on Amazon.com for $23.10.

Dale also has a fantastic “Craft of the Cocktail” card deck, which includes fifty fabulous cocktail recipes created by Dale and also includes bartending tips for preparing, mixing, and serving drinks in style. It’s $10.17 on Amazon.

If you really want to be a hero, add a bottle of Absolut or Beefeater to the cocktail gift bag. Those are products from Pernod-Ricard….Suzanne Freedman, Pernod-Ricard’s Director of On-Premise was also a guest on Episode 14 with Dale.

The person who recieves these will be very happy!



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